PRESENTS FROM A BLACK DOG 『はるのおくりもの』英語テキスト

English text of HARU NO OKURIMONO

A black dog who gives me great lessons of life,
and nice nice presents every day
this is my dog HARU, mix, 10 years old)←now 14 years old (2014)

A strong heart never gives up against rain or wind

The opportunities of exercise even on a new year's day

Dog’s hair is piling up in the corners of rooms

The mind claims ' do not forget me anytime '
(Why is a hair of my dog in a cup of coffee at a cafe ???)

Weight training for completely free

A good dream
(I can’t move!!)

The importance of persistent effort
(Give me the pudding)

The uncompromising mind
(I do not want eat without toppings like a piece of chicken may be a slice of ham)

The wish to have consistent good bowl movement

The wish to become a good riser
(Will you get up? Can you take me a walk?)

Dog’s hair stick to my arms in summer

The warmth in winter

The weight is on me

The sound of heavy breathing
(Don’t you wake up yet?)

I thought I am taking care of the dog,
but actually I am taken care of.
(Are you following me right ?)