DOG LESSONS 『いぬのおしえ』英語テキスト

English text of INU NO OSHIE.

Dog lessons

1 MARI (p.2-4)

When I first met her, she was already 18 years old.
MARI was a white dog, wore yellow scarf, the rear leg was always shaking.
She never liked any dogs around, no dogs were allowed being around her.
She was just like the queen in this neighborhood.
Every shingle dog was afraid of and respected her.

But MARI once in heat,
she approached to any male dog and took a step forward,
toward a male dog,
toward another male.
The period once over, she became the way she had been.

MARI's lesson
'When you want a male, take a step forward of him'
The lesson was chanted between some human female (unmarried or divorced).

2 CHOBI (p.5-7)

CHOBI lived in MARI's house.
He was a porky welsh corgi who had been straying on the street.

Even when MARI was in heat, she never stepped forward of CHOBI.
When other dogs bother him, peace lover CHOBI never got upset,
just walked away and got rest.

He never got bark, only except when somebody (except MARI) was taking his food.

3 MAA-KUN (p.8-10)

MAA-KUN loves girls, especially young human female.
MAA-KUN hates walking.

Once he gets tired of walking, he lies on his stomach and stretch out.
In the park, on the street, he dose not care,
even dragged by his leash, he never gets up and walks.
Until the owner gives up, he never gives up.

4 JOHN (p.11-13)

JOHN is a Doberman.
He runs beautifully like a horse.
The owner walks him 3 times a day.
But his heart is so sweet, may be too sweet.

JOHN has skin allergy.
The owner always massages his skin with olive oil.
He also has a weak stomach.
He feels weak especially in summer.
May be his home country Germany is much less humid than Japan
(JOHN was born in Japan though).

He hates cold weather too
(Germany must be colder though).
When he creeps into KOTATSU (small table with an electric heater underneath and covered by a quilt), none of the family member can stretch their legs in the KOTATSU.

One summer day, I noticed the owner women's arms got much muscular than before.

She is tanned all year round by walking, running and cycling with JOHN
(JOHN looks a bit tired though).

5 KENT (p.14-16)

KENT is my dog HARU's first love.
HARU likes a lone type dog.
HARU clings those types of dog and is treated a bit coolly, which she seems to like.

Her preference never changes.

She also loves GON (Chowchow who loves in solo and hates warm climate), TAROU (mix).
When HARU meets TAROU in a park, the 2 dogs just runs around and around together, then rest for a while with a short distance, never syrupy.
TAROU's owner says it is rare that TAROU looks relaxed like this.

When HARU met KENT on the street, KENT used to walk with HARU together with a short distance.
The owner said that it was rare that KENT did not bark at another dog.

When HARU walked, she always stopped by the garage of KENT's house and sit for a while.
In a few minutes, KENT came from the garden to see who it is, then he walked away.

One day, KENT's doghouse was disappeared from the garage.
KENT was not appeared.

After that, we never saw the doghouse and KENT.
6 months passed, the house's name on the door was changed.

Every time when HARU walks by the garage, HARU still stops by and sits for a while to wait for that KENT is coming to see her.

6 A HUNTER DOG (p.17-18)

It was the first and only time HARU met the white dog.
When she met the dog first time, even though HARU is not a friendly dog usually, the moment was very different.

Haru started running toward him just after she recognized him, like ' I have been hoping to see you such a long time'.
He was a white dog a little bit like MARI.
The owner said 'be careful. This dog will bite'.
HARU cringed on him, but he did not seem uncomfortable.

The owner said the dog was his grandfather's and the grandfather was a bear hunter WHO always took this dog with him in Hokkaido (the northern island of japan).
When the grandfather died, the owner guy adopted the dog.
But the dog had never done 'walking' (just run after bears in the mountain) and never played with other dogs.
He said the dog bit a Chihuahua the other day (for him, Chihuahua looked just a prey).

I wonder why HARU ran for him.
May be-- he looked like MARI (already passed away)
May be-- she felt that he was her type even from a distance.
HARU and I never saw him again after that.
I imagine his soul is still running in the mountains.

7 HARU (P.19-24)

HARU's love is heavy.
When I leave home to travel and come back 2 weeks after, she goes wild and runs around and around of me, looks like crying and saying ' why did you leave me? I was so sad, sad, and sad. Where did you go?? Do not leave me alone again etc.'

When I leave home just posting a letter and come back just 2 minutes later, it is same thing.
There is no difference between 2 weeks and 2 minutes for her.

When I talk on a phone longer than 10 minutes, she comes and lies down taking a distance that I can’t reach her then cry.

When I come home late at night depressed, thinking
I am so tired
I feel down
I should not have said that etc.

I open the door and see a HEAVY LOVE is waiting.
The heavy love heals me in the night like that.
I’ve never hoped or wished any family member does this to me but HARU.

Then I just forget for what I was feeling down.
More important than such, I should wash my face.